Who we are

In 2007 the industry through MOA, APA and MSK saw the need to form Kenya Audience Research Foundation (KARF), with the following mandate:

  • Establish “gold” standard media trading currency
  • Source for data collection agencies through competitive tender processes
  • Mobilize and manage the research funds
  • Manage the audience measurement service in Kenya

Governance Structure

The KARF governance structure constitute two key industry organs Trustees and Oversight Committee.

Board of trustees

The trustees are representatives of the 2 key stakeholders, namely Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA) and Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK)

The Officials are:

  • Annette Martyres
    KARF Chairperson

  • Lenny Nganga
    APA Chairperson

  • Monty Dhariwal
    Immediate former APA chairperson

  • Maggie Ireri
    MSK Chairperson

  • Tony Gacheca
    Immediate former MSK chairperson

  • Waithera Nganga
    former MSK CEO